Ball Transfer Units

Alwayse ball units are a multi-direc-tional, materail handling system, manufactured from high quality materials in our Briming ham factory.
They consist of a large load-bearing ball which sist upon many small balls encapsulated in a hemi-spherical cup. The housing can contain a seal to clean the load ball as it rotates. The design greatly reduces friction and allows heavy loads to be moved with a minimum of effort.
Our ball units may be used at any orientation but deviation from the vertical may result in a reduction in the stated load ratings quoted in this catalogue.
Quantity Calculation  
The weight of the article to be conveyed should be divided by 3. The result will give the maximum load any single ball will bear.
On any accurately levelled or flexible surface, a number greater than 3 may be used. The surface hardness and condition of the article should be considered to avoid ball unit penetration .
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